Looptaggr : drive-by stenciling technology.

VVANK is very happy to announce our recent collaboration with Aram Bartholl : the Looptaggr !

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Confetti Scissors


Specially for R. Birthday, we got for you a project that is fun and useful for kids and adults alike, kids will just have more fun to cut things 5 times as faster as before. and joyful for adults, not only because then the kids are occupied for the next hour, but also they can now shred sensitive material in to Confetti.

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How to make money out of an empty fridge

the life of a single guy living alone, has it advantages, but one sad fact I found I share with other guys in my situation : our fridges are empty. So it is time to put that empty space to work. (for full instructions follow the link)

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Fire Horn

placing a horn on top of a gas container produces loud sound and a bright light, learn how.

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Make a Muji Wall Mounted CD Player

side by side, Nato Fukasawa masterpiece the Muji CD-Player and our budget cardboard version.
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Cell phone case mod

this is my mobile phone, took all the plastic covers apart and taped the essential parts in to a plywood piece. see details inside.

Lighter bottle cap


this plastic lighter got a new buddy and an extra capacity capabilities. click on image to learn how.

make an X-Band


rubber bands are by far hemunkind best invention. but how can we make them even more exciting? well, with the X-band (click here).

extended Ikea pencils


Ikea gives these pencils for free, but that comes with a price; they are to short! my joke was to glue them so i can write with out braking my hands.

How to make a gadget organizer bin


this instruction is for creating a organizer/charing dock for all the messy cables that plug in to your gadgets. super simple! (click here)