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Zhashui Baosheng precious meta  
Zhashui Baosheng precious metals processing by the Shaanxi Silver Mine Co., Ltd., Oak Investment Limited mercury-hsin, Hunan Yongxing Xian Bao Sheng Precious Metals Co., Ltd. is jointly funded and set up, specializing in precious metals processing enterprises. The company take full advantage of Silver Mine in Shaanxi has its own mines and silver production, mature technology, abundant capital and rich advantages of management experience, decided to build silver nitrate processing projects. In September 2007 from the Hunan Yongxing Xian move Zhashui Xian Pan-long eco-industrial park, the company registered capital of 5 million yuan.
Zhashui Baosheng precious metals processing Limited production from silver nitrate solution silver, Cleaner, evaporation, crystallization of crude, recrystallization, vacuum drying, packaging processes components. Auxiliary production line from water, electricity, laboratory components. Company Integrated Unit (Office of Finance), Ministry of environmental safety, production technology, such as the Department of Management. The scale of the project design for the gifted class with an annual output of 300 tons of pure silver nitrate (AgNO3 ?ݠ99.8%)
A total investment of 5.1808 million yuan, of which 2.146 million yuan investment in the building, construction period interest 34,800 yuan, shop and liquidity 3 million. The project's completion to the achievement of the "11th Five-Year" Development Goals, promoting sustainable development of county economy, the domestic photographic, electronic industrial development is of great significance and will certainly be significant economic and social benefits.
Construction projects in strict accordance with state regulations do a good job in three environmental safety work at the same time, in the production process of the implementation of cleaner production processes and sustainable development plans, and resources, comprehensive utilization of energy resources, ensure that enterprises steady and healthy development.
Address: Zhashui Xian Pan-long eco-industrial park
Tel :0914-4436 13991562639
Zip code: 711400
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