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Yu Shan County of Mines Ltd.  
Yu Yuan Shan County of Shaanxi Wuzhou Mining Limited for Mines Ltd. holding enterprises. From Shaanxi Wuzhou Mines Ltd., 318 silver and development centers, four Chuankang Dan mining limited liability company, Shaanxi Swiss yuan Technology Co., Ltd, Huayi Investment Co., Ltd. in Shaanxi, non-ferrous Metallurgy Design and Research Institute of Xi'an, Shaanxi Valeo Non-Ferrous Metals Ltd. Jointly funded the establishment of Jicai, elections, the rule of integrated production of mining enterprises, the company registered capital of 50 million yuan.Mining area in Shanyang County of Shaanxi Province in the village of villages and towns Lion sword. Possession and control of the company's vanadium ore resources of 10 million tons, with an average grade of 1.0%. The existing assets of 100 million yuan, of which 50 million yuan of net assets. Shanyang County Yuyuan Mines Limited mainly engaged in the extraction of vanadium and development, the existing 160 employees, has, measurement, mining, elections, and management of Professionals in more than 50 people.
Hill County Yuyuan Mines Limited in March 15, 2003 project approval, in January 2007 completed and put into production. Early 2007, the Hill County Yuyuan Mines Limited as poor management, resulting in the production and operation difficult, with the Shaanxi Wuzhou Mining Limited consultations, in April, Shaanxi Wuzhou Mining Ltd. for 80 million yuan acquisition of the original Hill County Yu Yuan Mining Company Limited of all of the assets, the current production has been good.
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