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Silver Mine in Shaanxi  
Silver Mine in Shaanxi Shaanxi Nonferrous Metals Holdings, a limited liability company's ownership units. Construction began in 1987, after a, two construction projects, total investment reached 110 million yuan. China is now building a production capacity of the largest silver Kuangcai Xuan enterprises, design, scale for processing 297,000 tons of ore. Silver main products are copper concentrate, lead concentrate silver, iron ore, lead ore, zinc concentrate, silver nitrate. Enterprise employees 750 people, including 92 professional and technical personnel, who have 11 senior titles.
Silvermine Zhashui Xian in Shaanxi is the focus on cultivating the key enterprises. Over the years, the concern and support organizations at all levels, the production and operation of enterprises have made certain achievements, has been Shaanxi Nonferrous Metals Holdings, a limited liability company and the provincial, city, county government grant to create the "four good" advanced unit in the leading bodies , Advanced units of production safety, quality and efficiency of enterprises, tax, such as an advanced unit honor.
Enterprises with total assets now stands at 250 million yuan, with its capital, technology, management advantages, in Inner Mongolia, Xunyang Xian, Zhashui Xian, and other places have equity participation and holding enterprises 4. Of which: technical superiority to the contractor in ore handling 2 million tons of copper mine in Inner Mongolia of the flag, and 100 million yuan in revenue; contracted the Xunyang UnionPay Company Limited, the mining of ore processing 100,000 tons of lead and zinc factory elections, Revenue reached 50 million yuan;At the same time, implement powerful combination, and Shaanxi Panlong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. formed a joint venture Zhashui Panlong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. plant in Oak Panlong water park construction project with an annual output of silver nitrate 300 tons of silver nitrate, Dachan Hou, To achieve the output value of 600 million yuan. At present products have been sold to 15 provinces nationwide. Silver Mine in Shaanxi in 2007 consolidated statement of income is expected to be realized 300 million yuan, and revenue more than 30 million yuan.
Enterprises to invest 200 million yuan in Zhashui Xian Pan-long eco-industrial park construction of the four-star staff training centre project, the project has commenced construction, completion of the project will spur local tourism development.
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