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Shaanxi Wuzhou Mining Limited Zhashui vanadium plant material Shaanxi Wuzhou Mining Co., Ltd. under the sulfuric acid catalyst production enterprises, in a "garden of Xi'an," said the small Zhashui Xian in Shaanxi Province Ridge Industrial Park, a beautiful environment and strategic location . From the cities of Xi'an, capital of 100 kilometers, traffic is very convenient.
Vanadium materials factory was established in October 2007. According to the company Wuzhou "11th Five-Year" development requirements for the extension of the industrial chain, the use of upstream products to expand the production scale of enterprises, businesses decided to invest 6 million yuan building sulfuric acid catalyst - an annual output of 1000 t vanadium catalyst projects. The project from April 2007 started construction, then construction, was put into production, production of qualified products (S101, S108, S109) into the market. Vanadium plant material existing staff of 25 people, of whom eight were in technical management personnel.
Vanadium major catalyst for acid sulphate production technology, its principle is the sulphur dioxide gas and oxygen adsorption in the catalyst vanadium sulfate product level, so that the reaction to SO3 gas, and then three sulphur dioxide gas into dilute sulfuric acid into dense Sulfuric acid. Domestic enterprises to adopt advanced batch production of vanadium catalyst technology, the technology mature, easy to operate, mainly refined into diatomite Section, Section V of the finished product and processing Section.
At present, the product is the world's only the more advanced technology and acid products, have broad market prospects, the 2007 production of 50 tons of vanadium catalyst, 2008 will produce 350 tons of vanadium catalyst, is expected to achieve sales of 10 million yuan. Enterprises will gradually reach middle of efficiency, is expected to fully Dachan Hou, can be realized in product sales revenue 24.5 million yuan, 2.5 million profit.
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