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Sanyo branch  

Shaanxi Wuzhou from Shaanxi Nonferrous Metal Mining Co., Ltd. Holdings, a limited liability company, Beijing 318 gold and silver Silver Mine in Shaanxi and development centers set up co-financing, the company registered capital of 53.3 million yuan in Zhashui Xian Pan-long eco-industrial park. October 2004 was adopted in the original film Shaanxi Huacheng Vanadium Co., Ltd., all of the assets, the formation of the Shaanxi Wuzhou Mines Ltd., the company under the Sanyo subsidiaries, primarily engaged in vanadium ore mining, processing the election. More than 400 branches of existing employees, including professional and technical personnel 43 people, intermediate titles over 20 people.
Sanyo branch since its establishment, and continually improving management, tap the potential to improve efficiency, achieve a better economic efficiency. Is the first county in 2005, the city's second large taxpayer, 2006 to October yuan V2O51103 tons of production, industrial output value of 133 million yuan, profits and taxes 38.86 million yuan to complete. V2O51700 tons of production in 2007, industrial output value of 180 million yuan, and profits and taxes 43.15 million yuan, and taxes 16.36 million yuan.
Sanyo branch vanadium ore mining area rich in natural resources, vanadium deposit a total length of 3.2 km, V2O5 reserves of 151,400 tons, with an average grade of 0.95 percent. Company's existing three production lines, processing technology for the acid extraction, processing, 450 tons of ore; mines using underground mining methods, explore ways to Ping Tong Mountain - wandering Well joint development, mining method is mainly scraper wandering Mine Act.
Address: Hill County in the towns and villages
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