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Hill County transit Vanadium C  
Hill County transit Vanadium Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Wuzhou Mining Limited for holding enterprises. From Shaanxi Wuzhou Mines Ltd., the four Chuankang Dan Mining Limited Liability Company, Xi'an Oak Investment and Development Company Ltd., Shaanxi Huayi Investment Co., Ltd. is jointly funded and set up the Jicai, elections, the rule of integrated production of mining enterprises, registered capital of the company 3000 Million.Hill County transit Vanadium Co., Ltd., located in Shaanxi Province in the Hill County town milled Village Qinglin Formation, Hill County transit Vanadium Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in mining and V2O5 vanadium extraction, production facilities Perfect for the production of acid leaching - extraction - the anti-extraction - hydrolysis process vanadium Shen, the existing scale of production to 200 t / d.
Sanyo transit vanadium industry is a limited liability company specialized in the vanadium extraction and development of the private joint-stock enterprise, was established in October 2003, the company formerly known as Hill County counties to do business, after corporate restructuring to the Hill County Qisheng Magnesium limited liability companies. 2004 After consultation Hill County Qisheng Magnesium limited liability company to the overall transfer of mines and mineral processing vanadium to the transit industry limited liability company and then to put into production.
Hill County in early 2006 the original transit vanadium industry limited liability company cash flow difficulties, with the Shaanxi mining Wuzhou limited liability company consultations, in the same year in June Shaanxi Wuzhou mining limited liability company 25.28 million yuan to buy transit vanadium industry limited liability company all׊??tober 2006 on the transit company to mine vanadium Extension, will be available on the handle 200 tons of ore mining elections for the expansion of the scale of production, processing 800 tons of ore mining production scale elections. By the end of OO 7, the technical transformation project for the expansion completed in March 2008 of OO for debugging operation, to achieve scale benefits.
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