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After the flag Mengwulate in Wuzhou Yinxing Mining Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in processing enterprises. Founded in March 9, 2006, the registered capital of 2.56 million yuan. Business: copper, lead, zinc, silver, gold and other metal and non-metallic minerals mining and mineral processing sales, technical advice, services, project contracting, and so on.
Company employees 396 people, including: college education 28, high school or higher account for 32 percent of the total number of employees. Dressing is a senior engineer, three engineers, three Assistant Engineer processing, mineral processing technicians 8; Electrical and Mechanical Engineers 3; two mechanical engineer; holders of special industries operating permit 52 people.
In the field of mineral processing company with the professionalism and skill of the operating skills, the rapid rise in mineral processing industries. Rely on scientific and technological development and continue to co-produce qualified high-quality products, the enterprise has always been the same pursuit.
Companies have two Concentrator, a backwater tailings recovery workshop, a mechanic and an electrician of the Section. Current main task is to the west Bayannaoer Copper Co., Ltd. in 2 million tons / year of copper concentrator, 1 million tons / year lead-zinc concentrator, 1 million tons / year of iron concentrator production organization and management. Production of products: copper concentrate, lead concentrate and zinc concentrate, Tie Jingfen. Dressing the indicators are living in the leading position, has been under Western Copper Corporation and the local government a high degree of praise.
In the process of development, and continuously and domestic exchanges and cooperation in various scientific research institutions, processing production, maintenance and debugging technology has greatly improved. Companies adhere to the "unity of workers and trust of workers, depend on workers to" concept, and comprehensively implement the scientific concept of development, "production safety, energy-saving emission reduction, to tap the potential effect" work on, and pursuing a "progressive, pragmatic, coherent, united" Principles, and continue to forge ahead with innovation, technology at the core and with quality of survival, to first-class product quality and superb technology partners to provide satisfactory services.
Address: Wu Late in Inner Mongolia after tidal grid town flag # 3 Box
Zip code: 015500
Tel :0478 - 4913400
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